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Developer, programmer and infrastructure specialist.

  • Jason Davey14th January 2020

    Back in the day I configured fixed landlines for businesses, some of which were paying upwards of £500 a month for a simple set up. I personally like a trusted landline number to call but as a receiver of these calls, I don't particularly like to be tied to a fixed line in a building. I initially went about and set up forwarding to a mobile, however this incurred a monthly charge using a provider and you had to pay for the call, not really ideal if you're looking for a cheap option. After bit of research VoIP appeared, offering free calls VoIP to VoIP and low cost calls to traditional numbers. This all sounds perfect, however the catch is you require internet access, whether that be fixed broadband or mobile data, although in this day in age is a given for most things. Anyway I pay next to nothing and receive calls to multiple devices (as pictured), I kept my landline number, calls are cheap, line rental equivalent is next to nothing, with on hold music and press 1 for sales if desired. I just thought I'd share this information for anyone else in the same boat where they would like low cost calls on the go or for sharing a phone number with others (friends, family, employees) for a better customer experience, for example if one person is unavailable another can answer the call :-)

  • Jason Davey8th January 2020

    Technology and email security, accidental confidential info leaked

    An interesting typo experiment for the UK's main ccSLD co.uk

    How many of you have typed goggle instead of Google?

    I set out a little experiment on typos and what I found was quite astonishing. Information accidentally leaked through emails can be quite damaging, that's all I'll say for now. Originally I configured a catch all for typo's of co.uk where people accidentally typed ce instead of co, for example www.google.ce.uk or www.amazon.ce.uk. The experiment has been running for a number of months now and the domain receives around 300 unique human visitors a month, I also found that if the domain has the letters ce in it then there was a higher probability that a visitor would type ce.uk, for example ce-service.ce.uk, it's like the human fingers are on autopilot ce...ce.uk without really thinking about it. The ce.uk website also has a generic contact us page and there are a number of visitors that fill out the form believing that they are contacting the co.uk website company or owners. For the record an email was sent back informing them of the typo to assist with their message getting to its intended recipient.

    Moving on from website typos, I wasn't satisfied that only websites would be incorrectly typed so I took my investigation to the next level, emails. Honestly I didn't know what to expect, millions of spam emails, maybe the odd incorrect website sign up. I went about and configured a catch everything@everything.ce.uk for example dave.smith@yahoo.ce.uk or sally.jones@mycompany.ce.uk and within the first day of setting this up I received a ratio of about 1 to 10 of legitimate emails vs spam. You could receive accounts, orders, CVs, references, even medical related information. Suffice to say if you were a scammer or a fraudster you would have literally just hit the jackpot. You would have information that only the sender and recipient may have intimate knowledge of so to make booking alterations or change bank details to pay money to an account you have control over would be a breeze. Back to reality, all of this highlighted to me that maybe emails should be encrypted (GPG), trying to teach this to a non-technical person when even email can be a challenge for some could prove rather difficult. I'll leave this for others in the community to figure out this minor little hurdle.

    Final note, be safe and try to ensure you send emails with the least identifiable information in them as if they are being posted to a public forum or social media, and check the sender's address as if it was their bank details. To put it into perspective the email honey pot has only been running for a fews days and has received hematology results, pension financial and account details, police reports, CVs and reference requests to name just a few.

    Jason Davey - UKCE Ltd

  • Jason Davey27th July 2018

    Parking appeal won! Read the reason why as this could be useful to someone else

    "...While the operator has provided evidence demonstrating that the signage at the site complies with the BPA Code of Practice, it has failed to provide any evidence demonstrating that the signage is readable and understandable when the appellant parked at the site. From the evidence provided, I am unable to determine whether the appellant had a reasonable opportunity to review the signage before parking. As such, I cannot determine whether the operator issued the PCN correctly. As such, I will allow this appeal..."

  • Jason Davey3rd June 2018

    Planning finally approved and saved myself a bit by doing the plans myself as well (only basic but good enough it would seem)

  • Jason Davey22nd December 2017

    I'd never written anything in Java before but with some spare time I've developed an Android app to control the heating, no longer do I need to go to a web page woohoo! Might do Kickstarter as Hive is £180 self-install and Nest is £199, my DIY system costs a fraction of that and also for a laugh I connected it to Amazon Alexa for voice control ;-)

  • Jason Davey19th November 2016

    The first post containing some old family photos, my brother and I on mopeds, my desk back in 2004 and Finn the dog.


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